The Original Charvel Logo


Jackon was the partner to Charvel. Upon the sucessful take over of Charvel by Grover Jackson, Charvels manufacturing was moved to Japan. This allowed Jackson to pursue the Randy Rhoads V, the soloist and their other guitars.

Jacskon produced numerous guitar's after Charvels take over. So why did Grover sell up. Well, competition. First of all, guitars with double locking tremelos were becoming obselete and as that was almost a standard on most Charvel's. As Charvel's became less and less popular through the nineties, Grover had to decide whether to keep the Charvel company. Under pressure, he sold up, to Fender and all current Charvels are made by Fender.

Jackson Soloist

Charvel Fusion (Made when under ownership by Jackson)